Pro Curis Signalling System

PCSS  is a signalling system used by personnel in the clinic to send for each other. Simplicity has been the guideline when developing this system for calling and confirmation. Members of staff who are possible to call are set up in one list and clients able to send for them in another list.


There are four ways in which to send for someone: By pedal, touch screen, mouse or keyboard.

The Pedal  is used together with a computer beside the treatment chair. The person who calls must be able to see the computer screen in order to choose whom to send for. The pedal is cordless and can be placed anywhere. Several pedals can be placed in the same room/environment.

The Touch screen  is placed within the reach of the personnel and is disinfected between each patient. A list of the persons which are possible to call is shown on the screen and a simple click is all it takes to send for someone.

The Mouse  is easily used to choose whom to send for. The client program is run in Windows and is shown down beside the clock. With a right-click on the icon all persons available to send for are shown.

The Keyboard  combination Alt + F12 activates the client program in the same way as a tread on the pedal does.

Confirming a call

The confirmation is carried out in the same way as the calling. However, the choice of confirmation does not have to be the same as the way of calling. If the calling is done with the pedal, the confirmation can be done using the mouse or the keyboard and vice versa. A call can also be confirmed by the Confirmation client on a touch pad.


The display client can be set to show just one member of staff or everyone on a big screen. Background pictures, colors et cetera is easily customized by the clinic itself to meet its requirements.


Anyone who is sent for may also get a text message when being called.

Administration and statistics

In the administration program the members of staff and the display/calling clients are set up. There is also the feature of advanced statistics which makes it easy to see who is called most often, who is calling, time of response, et cetera.


PCSS is developed using the latest development tool from Embarcadero; Delphi XE2. The database used is an Access database from Microsoft. A PCSS WServer is installed in the clinic’s server, a feature used by all PCSS clients. If a touch screen is to be used, a wireless network must be available or installed. The pedal is cordless and uses the same technology as cordless mousse/keyboards with a USB plug-in in the client and a device driver installed in the same client. (The pedal does not use Bluetooth).

PCSS features:

  • Simple calling
  • Simple confirming
  • SMS message remainder
  • Calling by pedal, touch screen, mouse or keyboard
  • Can be displayed on several screens
  • Calling status is spoken out by speech synthesis
  • Works in remote desktop and Citrix
  • Powerful statistics module
  • Simple installation and maintenance as no other software is needed
  • Works in Windows XP/Vista and Windows 7, 32 or 64 bits

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